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I am an architect, Software Engineering Manager with 10 years of experiences in digital industry.

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Hello there, I am Wilson, a digital tech manager in Hong Kong. With 10 years in software engineering field I specialise in Mobile Apps development and I also am a fullstack developer with footprints on cloud, web, and interactive application development (e.g. Kinect). One of my key responsibilities now is to build and strengthen the team in Hong Kong (we have 15 developers now) while also working with clients to enable them on digital tech capabilities. The most recent interesting work that I’ve done was to join a client’s development team with 26 developers across 3 offices in China and Hong Kong, in 4 scrum teams with more than 40 people overall. My mission was to grow and enable the team on technical, communication and product development capabilities to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Besides, I work very closely with UX, product and business teams. Having taken agile and product training really helped me in communicating and collaborating with other teams better as I could speak their languages and understand their pain points from their perspectives.

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